Mr A Alexander Taylor, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist


Mr Taylor came highly recommended to me by my GP. I had been having gynaecological problems that medication could not ease. Mr Taylor and myself discussed, at length, all the options open to me and it was jointly decided that a hysterectomy would be best. This took into consideration my symptoms and lifestyle. I was particularly keen to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy as the recovery time was greatly reduced. Luckily, despite having problems due to caesarean scarring, Mr Taylor managed to skilfully perform the keyhole operation and I was spared an abdominal incision. It has now been six weeks since my operation and I can honestly say that I have recovered far quicker than I could have hoped. I only have two minute, almost invisible scars on my abdomen. I've had no problems at all. I have seen Mr Taylor twice since and the last time was given the all clear to resume near normal activities. Mr Taylor is a caring, knowledgeable surgeon and I'm grateful that his skill and expertise were wholly instrumental in the success of my major operation. I only wish I'd seen him years ago!


I imagine there are not too many women who get excited at a visit to the gynaecologist, or do not worry or dread such a visit for any number of different reasons.
And yet, since becoming a patient of Mr Taylor, for the first time in my life, I don't worry about a prospective visit or dread it as I used to. And the reason? Well, never did I doubt his professional and clinical expertise. Before first being referred to Mr Taylor, I was aware of his standing at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, his research and many publications, and therefore knew I was going to be seeing a specialist par excellence. What I was not prepared for was his easy,friendly and disarming manner and a visit to Mr Taylor always starts with general chatter, news and picking up on discussions of a non-clinical nature, and, for all the world, Mr Taylor seems genuinely interested in what one has to recount and I believe he is interested in his fellow human being.
Whilst one may not be looking forward to the examination, what I have found- and know to be true in other patients of Mr Taylor- is that one is far more relaxed at examination time after the earlier "chat" and Mr Taylor keeps this up- unless he senses this is not what one wants.
He responds so positively to health concerns and anxieties, and even popped out of theatre to see me in the recovery area last year to advise that although he needed a histology result, all looked well at examination under anaesthesia, and he wanted me to know in order that I could have a good Christmas. Then he returned to his next theatre case.
From my non-clinical perspective, Mr Alexander Taylor is a gynaecologist second to none professionally and also as an empathetic and understanding person. My gratitude is unending.


I was extremely anxious when going for my initial consultation but Mr Taylor immediately put me at ease. Mr Taylor’s private secretary Rosemarie was also very kind and professional when helping me. During my first appointment, Mr Taylor was approachable and understanding, and took the time to properly talk to me and discuss all my options.
Due to discomfort and appearance, it was decided I would undergo labial reduction. Mr Taylor’s professionalism, knowledge and understanding meant I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. After the procedure, I recovered fast and experienced no pain at all. The results are better than I ever imagined, I love it!
I am no longer in any discomfort and it has made such a difference to my confidence. I am so grateful to Mr Taylor for this positive change in my life.


I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to Mr. Taylor. Although a woman's primary function is child-birth with all is physical demands and bodily legacies, even after 68 (not 58, but thank you anyway) years one is never entirely comfortable with internal examinations. Mr. Taylor's empathetic care, compassion, gentleness, kindness and delicacy, rendered the procedure far less painful and rather less embarrassing that I could possibly have imagined. I am entirely confident that Mr. Taylor will find and implement a successful solution to my problem.


Thank you for your excellent skills! We are really appreciative. We were worried about the differences between Chinese coil and western coils. We were totally reliant on you. And we were not disappointed! Thank you so much! We are expecting to have a baby, hopefully next year.